How to join ‘고독한 송민호’ Open kakao group chat


These group chats are only for sharing pictures, gifs and videos. You are not allowed to talk. If you want to talk you can type it on pictures and send. There are individual chat room for each members as well. Dont send other members pictures on another member’s chatroom. You can search each members name and join their group chats. Please respect the rules otherwise you will be kicked out from the group chat.

These rooms are only for pictures, gifs and videos no Chat’

1. Download KakaoTalk app

2. Create your profile

3. Go to chats and click the + option

4. Then choose ‘Open Chat’

5. Then search the chat room you want

For example :

고독한 송민호 -Global (group chat for songmino global fans)

고독한 송민호 (Group chat for mino)

고독한 죠니 (group chat for jhonny)

고독한 위너 (group chat for winner)


‪[!!] MINO has entered to a the ‘silent jhonny’ kakao open chat and posted some unseen photos of jhonny‬

MINO entered to a Silent Jhonny open chatroom on Kakao Talk today

His username was 딸바보=Fool For Daughter, a term referring to sb who’d do anything for his/her daughter to the degree of being a fool!

Info via: maran1025

MINO’s profile picture

Photo via : 92s2111

Photos via : winneryejin0130

[NEWS ARTICLE] Vietnamese artists Phuc Bo and Ha Le accused of plagiarizing WINNER Song Min Ho’s ‘Body’

It has come to light that Vietnamese producer & rappers who go by the names of Phuc Bo and Ha Le have been receiving heat from fans for allegedly plagiarizing WINNER Song Min Ho ‘s “Body”.

In the tweet below, the two artists are seen recording for their Vietnamese national competition ‘The Battle of Stars’ and claimed it to be self-composed. Upon hearing the music, however, many fans and listeners alike have begun to point out how closely it resembles Song Min Ho’s “Body” which was released back in September 2016 through the album ‘The MOBB’.

Since then, the full official video of their performance has been uploaded as well. Check out the Twitter videa and the YouTube video below.

(Twitter via onlylookatmino)

Source: allkpop

[NEWS ARTICLE] WINNER Adds an Extra Show at Budokan for Its Japan Tour

K-pop boy group WINNER will be performing at Japan’s Nippon Budokan for the first time since its debut.

Budokan is one of the largest indoor arenas located in Tokyo, Japan with little over 14,000 seats.

A number of famous live music performances have taken place at Budokan in the past, including The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Avril Lavigne, TVXQ!, T-ARA and many more.

WINNER will mark its finale tour at Budokan on April 28 for its Japan tour ‘WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2018’.

‘WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2018′ is scheduled to begin on February 10, which will take place in six different cities in Japan with 10 shows.

The tour at Budokan was not originally scheduled, but has been added on later as a response to its fans’ request, because all tickets for other shows had been sold out.

The group is planning to show some of new performances during its tour in Japan.

The leader KANG SEUNG YOON said, “Performing at Budokan is like a dream come true. I am delighted to be finally performing at Budokan. It is all due to the love and support from our fans. I am excited to show the melody of ‘FATE NUMBER FOR’ and ‘OUR TWENTY FOR’ to our fans. These are different genres of music to our usual songs, and obviously we will keep working hard to show new performances. I want us to all enjoy the warming live music.”

Last year, WINNER has won the first place five times on music TV programs with its song ‘REALLY REALLY’, and ranked number one on iTunes chart in 21 different countries.

The release of the song was made last April, but it is still sweeping the chart even until now.

‘REALLY REALLY’ is continuing to keep its position on top 100 chart on domestic music streaming sites since its release, and it has reached 100 million streams on January 4.

Following this news, WINNER posted a photo of all members holding up fan banners written, “We can only exist as WINNER, because there is INNER CIRCLE” on the group’s official social media account.


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